About elevate.

A Mindset | Marketing | Transformation Event

elevate. is an exclusive multi-day event with world class coaches and speakers where you will learn incredible insights and strategies so you can elevate your mind and your marketing for more influence and impact.

You will learn first hand from transformational coaches who have supported 1000’s of people over the last decade to unlock the dormant powers that reside within their untapped well of confidence so they can share their gifts with the world in extraordinary ways.

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Day 1 April – 2019

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Our Next Event is in Bali, Indonesia

You Are Invited To A Transformational Event Held In Beautiful Bali, Indonesia with Joel Brown & Emile Steenveld and 2 other powerful leaders to Master Your Mind and Marketing So You Can Lead and Influence The World After Just 4 Days

What The Leaders At Our Last Event Are Saying About elevate.

Yahya Bakkar

elevate. has a very unique blend of both the heart and the head and the actionable steps for you to get to where you need to go. If you’re thinking of joining in the future make sure you show up wherever you need to travel from and get to the event and I promise you you’ll walk out as a way more transformed human being.”

Gerard Adams

“The audience at the elevate experience are amazing. So receptive. So open to showing up powerfully and getting out of their comfort zone and what Joel and Emile have created is so special.”

Ruby Fremon

I love the elevate Tribe’s willingness to step into something that makes them uncomfortable and their willingness to step up and their willingness to be courageous enough to do the things that they were first scared to do and to now just see them on the other side of it is incredible.”

Reliving Our Last Bali Event in 2018