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Here’s exactly what you will learn from this Masterclass with Joel & Emile:

 You will learn how to get out of your head and be more comfortable in your own skin

How to defuse from your negative thoughts so you can share more of your story with the world

How to grow from your uncomfortable feelings so you can become more emotionally intelligent and respected

How to let go of people’s opinions so you can build the brand and business you desire to impact the world

How to live the way you want to live so you can impact others in a positive and powerful way

How to enrol people in who you are so you can increase your worth and change more for your time

How to build better relationships on a consistent basis

How to be confident in asking for what you want so you can expand your network, income and opportunities

How to authentically market yourself to the world so you can gain more exposure and connect with more people

About Joel & Emile

Joel Brown is the Founder of the #1 Motivation website and has achieved over 200 Million Views Worldwide over the last 8 years. He was offered Multiple Million Dollar Offers for his website and turned them all down. Joel has a social media following of over 2.7 Million and has achieved more than 3.2 Million plays and downloads on his podcast featuring thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Gabby Bernstein, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more. Joel is featured in 3 Documentary/Films and is the new star of the Think & Grow Rich Movie.

Joel Brown is skilled in the area of Self Development Coaching, NLP, Speaking and Mindset Coaching. Joel has built Multiple Six Figure online businesses and is skilled in Building Massive Online Communities, Monetizing Online Brands and Networking with the World Class Elite which positions him in a unique place of high demand when it comes to coaching others on what it takes to be in the Top 1% online and offline.

Emile Steenveld is a Business and Relationship Coach exclusively focusing on the inner workings of the relationship with the self and the mind. Emile guides individuals to break down inherent beliefs and old habits that sabotage growth and profitable results.

He has worked with high profile business leaders across the world, from Australia, Dubai, America, and also worked on mental health retreats in Bali, where he now resides.

Joel Brown and Emile Steenveld both run elevate. Transformational Bali retreats and events together in Indonesia and they live to create transformational and powerful shifts in the hearts and minds of all who come to Bali for their workshops.

What Others Are Saying About Joel & Emile!

“If you want to make an influence, if you want to make a difference, if you want to be known you’re not going to get millions of people to know about you without figuring out the online game.

Joel Brown is a great friend, a great businessman and he has got this online game figured out. Check him out!”

Grant Cardone (7X Best Selling Author, Speaker & Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur)

“Joel Brown is a force of inspiration. Learn from his work and follow his ideas to lead your finest life.”

Robin Sharma (The #1 Bestselling Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari)

“Emile Steenveld will fill in all of the missing links for what every person needs to live a fulfilled life. He delivers his message with conviction because he comes from the heart. The world needs more leaders like Emile that are ready to be a stand for humanity.”

Preston Smiles (Author of Love Louder and Personal Freedom Messenger)

Joel is a master at building online brands and he is the go-to guy if you want to learn how to do the same. If you want to know how to network with amazing humans and how to build a multi-million dollar brand, Joel’s your guy. And I know this because I know Joel personally and he has supported my growth just by sharing his wisdom with me. Joel is definitely someone that you want in your corner.

Alexi Panos (Transformational Speaker, Coach & Best Selling Author)

“Joel has come along way from his days in the desert of Western Australia, his belief and courage to follow his dreams inspires all who hear his message. He is a light house of hope for the younger generation by showing that when we follow our heart and stay committed to our long term vision it can send an inspiring ripple throughout the world.”

John Assaraf (Mindset Coach, Star of the Hit Movie “The Secret”, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur & Best Selling Author)

“Emile started coaching me when I had moved from Melbourne to Sydney to qualify for the Olympic games. I had thrown myself in the deep end and was scared I would fail. Emile helped me identify my self-limiting beliefs and step into a space where I was on team me! I qualified Australia for the Olympics and although I didn’t reach the result I worked for, my journey of discovering myself was well worth every bead of blood, sweat and tear.”

Caroline Marton (Australian Olympian & Taekwondo World Championship Winner)


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